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Versão Completa: How to create ES shortcut in Kodi menu
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Good day

I'm new to pplware and what an awesome project this is.

I would like to know if the way is to create a shortcut for Emulation Station in Kodi and if so how? I am aware que one can just quit out of Kodi to get to Emulation Station but I would prefer the shortcut if possible.

Thank you in advance
It could be possible, but the shortcut will have to quit Kodi and start ES because ES and Kodi can't be opened at the same time.
Thank you for the speedy response. Do you know where I can get the information or guide on how to do this?
The only way I know is to create a simple addon for that. And make it run some bash commands. Than you create a shortcut in your Kodi Skin. You will have to know a little bit of programming (python), or search the internet on how to do that. I can write the bash script to do that but I am not much into making addons for Kodi, so you will have to search yourself.  
I found a simple solution to my problem. I use the Aeon Nox skin in Kodi and decided to make a menu shortcut for the reboot function. I just renamed it Games and added a custom background picture. So when I click on the new shortcut it reboots into Emulation Station Mr Green

Thanks again for this great project
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