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Versão Completa: Dual Channel AMD "Ganged or Unganged"
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Tenho uma motherboard Asus M3A78, um processador AMD Phenom II x3 720 e um kit de memoria 2 x 2gb GSKILL 8500PK, quando verifico o estado da memoria, seja no CPU-Z ou no Everest, ele indica que o dual channel esta em modo unganged, em que modo obterei mais performance ?
tirei do

Ganged = dual channel mode for ram. All cores get access to 100% of the ram.

unganged = single channel. Each core gets access to a stick of ram.

In theory, the unganged mode is better as each core will get access to data quicker. In theory.

e isto:
"Ganged means that the ram is running in dual channel which also requires the ram to be put in the proper channel slots (Every other Channel) This also combines or ties the memory controllers into 1x128bit. When running in unganged mode it splits the memory controllers into it's two separate contollers and allows seperate cores to access mulitple sticks. If you are running software that is mainly working on one core. Ganged mode is great becuase there is plently of room on the 1x128bit highway. If the multiple cores are accessing the ram you might want to split the lanes into 2x64bit so that although slower in speed there are two lanes working. Same principle sorta applies to the PCIex16 splitting with crossfire. is 2x8 better or worse then 1x16 or in this case is 2x64 better or worse then 1x128. Depends on how many cpus or gpus are actually working with the software being used. P.S. I am new here and need some reps (WINK)"
Interessante, acho que vou manter o modo "unganged" eu uso o PC quase exclusivamente para jogar, e cada vez mais os jogos tiram partido do multicore.

Muito obrigado pelo esclarecimento.
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