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Versão Completa: Patch 1.20 para Borderlands ...
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A GearBox Softweare acabou de lançar mais um Patch para Borderlands, com a versão 1.20.

O Patch encontra-se disponivel em:

Lista de Fixes neste Patch:
- Fixed a bug that kept challenges from unlocking for the rest of a session after visiting arenas
- Fixed some formatting issues with the server list screen
- Fixed an issue causing servers to report the incorrect plot mission
- Proficiency progress to the next level should no longer be lost when leaving a multiplayer game as a client
- Fixed a progression issue in the Find Steele mission - characters affected by this issue should now be able to continue progressing
- Most instances involving character data loss when playing online should no longer occur
- Addressed some exploits involving character level and backpack size
- Fixed a bug that allowed Mordecai to spawn multiple Bloodwings
- Mordecai's "Loaded" skill now increases mag capacity by 20%
- Roland's "Scattershot" skill has had its spread adjustment corrected, and damage now increases at +5 per level
- Improved the refresh speed for the server browser
Support for DLC 2 added
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