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Boilsoft Video Converter V2.63 - Jonecoper - 16-03-2010 03:47

Boilsoft Video Converter is to AVI converter,to MPEG converter,to VCD converter,to SVCD converter, to DVD converter,to 3GP converter,to iPod Mp4 converter,to PSP MP4 converter,to MP4 converter,to Flash converter, all-in-one video converter.
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* Convert all popular formats video files, like AVI,MPEG,RM,MP4,WMV,etc. to AVI, FLV/ flash, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, DVD, 3GP, iPod Mp4, PSP MP4, MP4 format.
* Convert video to play on iPod, iPhone, iTouch, PSP, PS3, and other digital multimedia devices.
* Video converter output video/audio settings can be fully customized.
* Supports batch conversion mode
* Output video/audio format settings all can be configured.
* With a mini video cutter attached to the preview player. You can convert a certain video clip.
* Video Converter supports watermark, watermark image support any format image, even animated GIF.
* Video Converter supports add subtitle, subtitle file support .srt, .idx, .sub, .ssa, etc. file.
* Video Converter supports flip video image.
* Video Converter supports 4 methods of Frame Size adjustment- Crop, Stretch, Preserve aspect ratio and Customize. In Customize adjustment mode,preview image is allowed, video image position and margin to border all can be configured as you like.

* Support flash file (.flv ) conversion.
* Boilsoft video converter completely supports all kinds of RMVB files as source file.
* Boilsoft video converter provides a better decoding solution of WMV file.
* Boilsoft video converter can output WMV file with Windows Codec 7/8/9.
* Convert output video/audio settings can be customized.
* Convert video files to play on iPod, iPhone, iTouch, PSP, PS3, and other digital multimedia devices.
* An user-friendly video converter, with an adjustable control panel, more professional.
* A batch conversion converter.
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