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Erro Word 2007 Ficheiro wwlib.dll
15-12-2009, 00:40
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RE: Erro Word 2007 Ficheiro wwlib.dll
spyusp. obrigado pela ajuda, mas notepad++ para mim é como um "burro a olhar para um palácio"

de qualquer maneira muito obrigado pela atenção. Contudo encontrei isto e vou deixar caso aconteça a alguem. Para mim resolveu....

Wow, I had one user yesterday having a problem with word 07. Every time she closed Word it would crash. The build-in diag tools didn’t find a problem. I tracked it down to a template add-in that I was unable to remove. When removing an add-in, Word doesn’t save the settings until either Word is closed or the dialog box has accepted the changes. But every time I tried to close the dialog box Word crashed and didn’t save the changes. Here are the steps to fix this:

The problem really isn’t with wwlib.dll and you can test this by replacing wwlib.dll or by starting word without add-in enabled.

To do this Click Start>Run and type in winword /a

If word doesn’t crash then you know the problem is with an add-in.

First, try to remove add-ins by going to the Office Button>Word Options>Add-Ins

Then remove the suspect add-ins (you may have to disable many to track down the culprit)

If you are unable to remove an add-in follow the steps below for removal of said offender!

1. Close Word

2. Open Regedit

3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Data

4. Delete the Settings Key and any other keys EXCEPT “Toolbars” and “SettingsWordMail” Leave these two alone.

5. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\File MRU

6. Delete any instance of the offending add-in

7. Done, restart Word and the problem should be gone.

This information is provided "AS IS" with no warranties expressed or implied.


um dois, som, dois,som experiência, som, um dois
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RE: Erro Word 2007 Ficheiro wwlib.dll - FCabral - 15-12-2009 00:40

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