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Dreambox 800
12-11-2011, 04:52
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Dreambox 800
Install a Plugin on Dreambox 800

Dreambox 800 is an advanced Linux-based satellite decoder that, unlike standard machines, allows users to increase the systems functionality by downloading and installing various plugins. The process for installing additions to the system will remain the same regardless of the plugin chosen and the entire setup process can be accomplished using the decoder boxes' internal menu system. Plugins for the system are also found within the boxes' options menu, which means users will not be required to search for new options for their systems if they stick with the boxes' set of options.

Choose the "Menu" option on your box and navigate to "Setup" followed by "Blue-Panel."

Wait for the Blue-Panel to load and then browse to "Addons."

Navigate to the option that reads "Download (Gemini-Server)" and choose that option.

Wait for the plugins list to finishing download. The download process will be shown via a progress bar at the bottom of the menu.

Browse to the "Plugins" option. This option will feature the highest number of downloads. Do not navigate to "Plugins-Gemini," which will feature only several available options.

Choose which plugin you would like to install and then press the "OK" button to begin the download process.

Click on the "Exit" button two times to return to the Blue-Panel where you can navigate to "Plugins (Tools) to see the downloaded plugins that are now ready to use.

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