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Name necklace for her - Best encouraging gift ever!
29-06-2018, 07:44 (Esta mensagem foi modificada pela última vez a: 21-08-2018 13:27 por gracefulrings110110.)
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Name necklace for her - Best encouraging gift ever!
Encourage your sister? Choose a name necklace for her
Name necklace for her on finishing her swimming class!
If you ever asked me who is the closest person with me that I admire a lot for such attempts, I would say that this is my little sister.
She has amazed me for her efforts to learn how to swim.
From a shy girl who was scared of the water, she has overcome her fear of swimming and become a strong swimmer in a very short time - just one month.
In order to encourage her for her successful attempts, I decided to give her a special gift.
Do you know what I chose?
I bought a name necklace for her, which I was pretty sure that she would have an huge surprise to receive it.
[Imagem: customnamenecklace.png]
Since my sister was a 3-year-old kid, my parents took her to the pool for the first time ever. She was so afraid of floating in the water and cried a lot. However, knowing how to swim was a big advantage that everyone should have. Therefore, my parents tried many times taking her to the pool and teaching her how to swim with a little hope that she would overcome her water fright.
Sadly, all of my parents’ attempts were useless.
She kept crying and urged my parents to bring her home because she did not want to try to do this anymore. My parents coddled the little daughter and effortlessly brought her home. Since then, my parents sometimes asked her whether you wanted to go swimming, she refused right away.
Seven years later, a big challenge came to her and made her change her life.
The most unexpected thing came to our family suddenly.
She asked my parents to go to the swimming class.
They were so happy just like they were walking in the air. Their huge smiles showed us clearly their endless happiness. They agreed right away and took her to her first swimming class wight on the day after with all of my family’s encouragement.
[Imagem: namenecklace.png]
First days were full of difficulties. However, hard work forever paid. Only one month later, she became an excellent swimmer and improved a lot on her swimming skills due to her consistent efforts.
Therefore, instead of giving her plenty of compliments, I decided to buy a custom necklace for her as an encouraging gift for all of her efforts. I really hoped that she would like the name chain that I had chosen for her.
I found an online shop offering plenty of items of custom jewelry through a recommendation of my friend. So I think it would be so awesome to give her this kind of custom engraved jewelry because it not only had a special meaning but also marked a memorable day of her life.
 Besides custom necklace pendants, this online shop also offers you a chance to customize your own necklace in accordance with your interests of materials, colors and patterns. In addition, those custom engraved jewelry also has more forms such as custom rings and custom bracelets. However, I think that custom jewelry necklaces were the most suitable accessories for you to wear everyday. Moreover, wearing a necklace customized could help you look more attractive because its place on your neck is really eye-catching.
If you like this theme and want to design your own necklace pendant, you can visit the online shop from which I bought my sister a personalized necklace GracefulRings
I have chosen for my sister a gold chain with name with the rectangle pendant engraved her name in the front side and her graduation day from the swimming class on the back side. I thought that this kind of gift was especially suitable for a little girl like her loving dainty and sparkling jewelry. The shop also have plenty of name pendant designs that you could check it out:
The day she came back happily for the last day of her swimming class with my parents, I gave her the gift that I prepared. She immediately opened the box and jumped for joy with her brightest smile I had ever seen. She gave me the tightest hug ever.
Her feelings at that moment just literally could not described by words.
Since then, she kept wearing it like an inseparable thing. She told me that any of her friends complimented her on such a beautiful and unique name pendant chain. She also said that she told everyone that this was her best name necklace given by my lovely sister, which made me even more than happy.
I really thought that her attempts in her swimming lessons really worthed this name necklace and so luckily I found such a suitable gift for her on this special stage of her life. She was so brave to step out of her comfort zone and made a great decision going to swimming class although it was quite late compared to her friends.
However, It was such attempts that I could know that how hard she had tried. It was also the very first challenge that she had to learn how to deal with it in order to have a good preparation for many challenges in her life afterwards.
After all, I highly recommend that this kind of custom made necklace with name is the best encouraging gift. Moreover, it also has low price so anyone could afford one for your beloved.
If you were looking for a kind of encouraging necklace, you should choose a name necklace customized in the way that could be most meaningful to his of her. I believe that this kind of gift would help the person receiving this name necklace from you be more confident and more courageous in order to keep on going with their future goals.
Since I gave the name necklace for her, my sister has been always moving forwards her goals, such as being on the list of most outstanding students in her class or winning the dancing contest in her school. She has been more motivated and ready to deal with new challenges.
In any other situation that you need an encouraging gift, please don’t be hesitate to choose custom name chains right away. For example, in order to encourage your grandmother be recover from her last illness, you could give a name necklace for her. It would be a wonderful gift to encourage her to be always joyful in life.
If you still wonder where to buy necklaces with names on, click here
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