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Opera browser - Flashgot
14-12-2009, 17:09 (Esta mensagem foi modificada pela última vez a: 14-12-2009 17:11 por Ricardo Antunes.)
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RE: Opera browser - Flashgot
Hoje andei a procura de uns Widgets e pelo caminho encontrei isto,

Citar:Paste a List of URL's into the textarea and GO.

For many time I searched for a multiple downloader.
Now, based on multiple url downloader I finally have found solution.
In Opera, when you select, highlighting an url, you choose goto url.
At same you can select an url of a zip or rar archive to download it and goto url command, open a new download window.
But if you select multiple urls ? Only the first url WAS available.
Now, if you copy multiple url and paste them in text area of this widget, all will be transfered to download.
The problem is when url points to a Rapidshare or others share sites 'cause captcha code. I'm working on this. But if you have a subscription to that sites and are logged-in, cookie are stored in Opera ( and in example with rapidshare you have in memory a file, rapimgr.exe,) so you can download multiple files without problems.
You may consider adjust Opera settings according :
* open Opera preferences and in tab ADVANCED set .zip and .rar or .pdf extension or other MIME to save to disk. (double click on MIME to open action choice). So doing all work... for me.. let me know your impressions or anything. Please do not deploy my work. It is the first work I do. This is my first widget. I Hope my contribute can be useful for someone.

Experimenta e vê se serve Wink

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