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Patch para Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising ...
01-02-2010, 00:53
Mensagem: #1
Patch para Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising ...
Saiu recentemente mais um Patch para o jogo da Codemasters e como cereja em cima do bolo foi também lançado novo conteúdo para download, para a versão PC (versões de CD/DVD).
Com o nome de "Overwatch", este pack apresenta novos modos multiplayer, bem como novas missões.

Site oficial do jogo aqui.

Download do triler de "Overwatch":

Download do Patch:

Lista de Correcções:
-Support added for 2 new PvP game modes included in DLC Pack 2
-The host is now able to press "Start" button to ready up and begin the 10 second countdown into game irrespective of whether all players are ready or not.
-Improved multiplayer stability.
-Online synchronisation has been improved mitigating various issues such as shots fired not being registered and missing animations
-Improved bullet hit detection on clients
-Medics no longer become unable to move if the player they are trying to heal attempts to heal themselves at the same time.
-The corpse looting inventory now appears appropriately when characters are killed
-The corpse looting inventory updates appropriately when swapping weapons.
-Tweaks and amends to enemy and friendly AI.
-The damaged vehicle icon no longer becomes stuck on screen if the player is spawned into a vehicle just as it becomes critically damaged.
-Fly in camera at the start of the Lumber Yard Infiltration mission now behaves appropriately
-alt tabbing when in the lobby no longer causes graphical corruption on ground texture
-Speed hack checking has been activated to block 3rd party speed hacks during online games.
-Anti-cheat measures implemented to combat leaderboard hacking
-Ammo counter for Fire team leaders in PvP matches now counts down the remaining ammo correctly.
-Vehicle control responsiveness improved for clients, with input lag reduced
-Sessions that you cannot join such as those that contain DLC not present on the players machine appear as greyed out on the browse server screen.
-If someone without DLC is invited to a game that requires DLC content they will receive a message explaining this and the game can still be started. They no longer take up a space in the lobby.
-Improved On & Offline stability
-Player positioned appropriately after exiting a vehicle.
-Players are no longer able to access a locked vehicle by using an unlocked vehicle
-Mines are no longer triggered by neutral (inactive) vehicles
-Death cam view behaves correctly if the player dies whilst in a vehicle and swapping between 3rd & 1st person camera views
-It is no longer possible to enter aimed view mode while the weapon select OSD is open.
-Binocular functionality no longer impaired by previously selected inventory item.
-Weapon torches now turn off properly when swapping out the current weapon via ammo crates with the torch light switched on.
-Players stance is now correctly maintained after operating an emplaced weapon
-The player is now able to order a fire team under their control to operate an emplaced weapon
-"Move To" orders now correctly issued to the pilot rather than individual fire team members when mixed fire teams occupy the crew seats in helicopters.
-Helicopter chain guns no longer jam
-Weapons rotations for a.i. gyrostablised weapons are no longer updated if they've not got a target set.
-Weapon OSD for the M134 Minigun in the AH-6J Helicopter now displays the correct number of rounds loaded (9999).
-Helicopters no longer make inappropriate wheel contact surface sounds sound when flying over grassland.
-"Live Link" feature in the Mission Editor should now default to launch the game in Windowed mode
-The mission editor should now be able to read multiple databases so text strings can be easily added.
-Unavailable Bradley and ZBD200 squad references removed from Mission editor
-Mouse look sensitivity for mounted weapons is now aligned with other weapons
-Respawn timer now displayed in all game modes.
-Fixed crash using empty string with OFP:displaySystemMessage
-Fixed rare crash in AI input. Unchecked possible invalid cast in AI input.
-Changed client prediction code for extrapolating positions, based on how far in the past there is accurate server data. (Optimisation)
-getVelocities bug fix for helicopter suspension. Refactor removed ---getVelocities usage.
-Audio Feedback Manager can search blocked speakers list by name as well. (Optimisation)
-Destructor of commands is always called in the CommandPool. -Prevents possible memory leaks.
-walkEchelonControlledSubUnits now recurses through only controlled units. Now processes correct sub units.
-Friendly fire feedback will revert to root echelon if no fireteam members are still alive. Processes feedback case correctly.
-Fixed clients showing low LOD back weapon between their feet after looting ammo crates.
-The player can now add custom audio and modify further AI parameters (Weapon usage values and dispersion system).
-Added OFP:getTerrainHeight( x, z ) script cmd to return height of terrain, suitable as a Y value in cmds such as OFP:spawnAtLocation
-Can issue AI fireteam a Defend order to unmounted/neutral vehicles.
-Multiplayer arena bugfixes in ME
-Multiplayer arena size limit changed to include warning zone in ME
-New objective & territory icons for DLC2 added to ME
-Multiplayer arena warning zone size clamped to 500m
-Fixed CampaignEditor not starting on 64bit systems
-Added export of attacking army to multiplayer data
-Supremacy and Blindside gamemodes added to ME
-Sea level is now configurable through Map.xml file
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