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El tema de Pixel - Rookervik - 04-04-2016 04:41

Hola. No puedo hablar español, pero me gustaría compartir el tema de Píxel. He puesto al día el tema para apoyar Pipplware. (traductor Google)

[Imagem: vo4wW5n.png]

Enlace a archivo: Pixel Theme v1.2 (pplware)

RE: El tema de Pixel - dsantos - 04-04-2016 09:00

Thanks a lot for your work, we can talk in english if you prefer. I had already tried your theme in PiPplware, but with this, it integrates much better, great work Big Grin

I am the main developer of PiPplware, but the artwork/graphical part, are mostly done by 2 other guys, and they don't use much this forum.

In your theme I saw that the "System" menu displays the gamelist info, but the "Ports" and "PiPplware" menus don't, they use a preconfigured line in the theme.xml. Can you please change the xmls of this 2 menus to display the info also ? That would be great.

And if you don't mind, we can include your theme pre-installed on the next PiPplware version.

RE: El tema de Pixel - Rookervik - 04-04-2016 15:37

Hello! Nice to meet you! I have made the changes so that Ports and PiPplware now show descriptions of the selected items. I updated the download so the previous link will contain the changes.

I made both Pixel and Carbon themes. I really like what your artists have done to integrate Carbon into pplware. Looks great! Smile  I'd be honored if you added Pixel as well. I try to keep both Carbon and Pixel updated with RetroPie. I work with their team.

RE: El tema de Pixel - dsantos - 04-04-2016 22:34

I just tested your update to the theme, its perfect, thanks.

Yeah, the work done in the Carbon theme was nice. We will try to improve the 4 icons on the PiPplware menu, to work better with dark themes.
It would be easier if there was an option in ES to pick different sets of icons, or at least diferent gamelists.