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[Shareware] BitDefender 2010 Final - Fábio Palma - 17-08-2009 19:34

[Imagem: bitdefender2010_novice.png]

[Imagem: bitdefender2010_intermediate.png]

[Imagem: bitdefender2010_advanced.png]


- Advanced Scanning Technology, based on behaviors - Bit Defender 2010 has a new way of scanning, which appeals to an improved version of Heuristic detection implemented antimalware applications.

- Performance Plus - BitDefender 2010 - comes with a new architecture that ensures better performance, both through a process of optimized scanning, and through better integration of the drivers.

- Improved interface -With a streamlined look, more clear and easier to use, the new graphical interface facilitates access to key security options, configuration and support of the product.

- Parental Control Module more restrictive - provides parents an improved web filter, categories of sites and customizable profiles, a reporting system with alerts via email, a better time spent in an application and ability to program user access to certain applications.

- Compatibility with Windows 7

BitDefender Antivirus 2010 Final

32 bit


BitDefender Internet Security 2010 Final

32 bit


BitDefender Total Security 2010 Final

32 bit