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COMODO AV 1.0 Beta MAC OSX - Fábio Palma - 07-02-2011 01:43

[Imagem: e3a56_interesting-collection-of-wallpape...rt-363.jpg]

Citar:CAV for MAC, as its name implies, an end-user antivirus product for MAC operating systems. It features:

* Manual Antivirus scanning
* Scheduled Antivirus scanning
* Realtime virus scanning with stateful file inspection
* And much more like CAV for windows.

What needs to be tested?
The purpose of this BETA is to assess the general quality of the product in real world scenarios.

Please do NOT use this product in your production machines as it might cause serious damage to your computer including irreversible data loss.

Supported Operating Systems:
MAC OSx 10.5 and 10.6 on Intel machines.

Download Location:

Bug Reports:
Please feelfree to use the link below for reporting bugs:

Please use this thread for other feedback.