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Alguem me pode ajudar..
17-05-2014, 15:27
Mensagem: #1
Alguem me pode ajudar..
Isto é para os pros....imaginem este cenario:

[Imagem: Screen%20Shot%202014-05-17%20at%2015.23.01.png]

The external router is providing filtering (by port, protocol & IP), Address translation (inbound and outbound) to manage the network traffic to, from and through the router.
Both internal routers are providing similar filtering.
httphost and ftphost servers are accessible from the Internet as well as from the internal networks.
The network provides a DMZ and 2 subnets, one for trusted users and one for untrusted users. Computers on the
untrusted network may only access the internet, the ftphost and httphost, authentication, file (shown as nis/nfs server NOTE: What technology you adopt is your choice) & mail servers, as well as any machine on the untrusted net.
Computers on the
trusted network may access any server or machine on any subnet as well as the internet. It is possible that laptops might be connected to either subnet.
You should provide at a minimum:

  1. A labelled sketch of your proposed network-topology to include the location of servers, gateways and filters. IP subnet and host addresses should be clearly shown.
  2. Justification for your choices of where to locate the servers, the interface addresses and subnet addresses that you will use.
  3. What network traffic you would filter at each of the gateways in your network. You should indicate either port and/or service and/or protocol as appropriate, along with IP addresses for source and destination.
  4. A description of how you would manage mail, logins and the users home space. You should indicate the applications that you would use. NIS/NFS are shown purely as examples. You need to specify a file server and authentication server, together with what technology you would use, together with the location. An explanation of the strategy for providing file server access on the insecure network is also required.
  5. How you would handle ad-hoc and wireless clients on both the secure and insecure networks. 

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