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A não perder...
18-02-2014, 22:59 (Esta mensagem foi modificada pela última vez a: 19-02-2014 02:03 por vitorm.)
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A não perder...
A não perder...
  • Cloudfogger - is an all-in-one encryption solution where you can easily drag and drop files from your computer or smartphones and upload them to Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive or any other cloud storage providers.
  • Spotflux – allows you to access blocked websites, removes tracking cookies and viruses, encrypts your internet traffic, saves bandwidth, hides your IP address, and keeps your location private.
  • WiFi Protector – is a powerful application that secures your WiFi connection with a 256 bit encryption. It also provides you with the means to protect your privacy by hiding your IP address.
  • Sunrise Seven – customize your Windows 7 for performance, security and delightful visual modifications. Now, your Windows 7 will look the way you want it to be.
  • BufferZone Pro - puts your regularly used programs that are prone to external attacks in a virtual environment.
  • Stoffi – is a simple but powerful music player that consolidates the key features spread over various music players into one unified music player.
  • UMPlayer – with more than 270 audio/video codecs and YouTube integration, this media player can play any media format for you.
  • SecrectSync – helps you secure your dropbox account by encrypting all your data.
  • OSForensics – extract forensic data from computers. Uncover everything hidden inside a PC.

"Os computadores fazem aquilo que você manda, não aquilo que você quer."
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