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Meus portos não serão encaminhados no Windows 7?
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Meus portos não serão encaminhados no Windows 7?
Parrot Campaign Encourages Responsible Driving

Parrot promotes safe driving with Tips, Resources and a Rebate on Hands-Free Parrot MINIKIT

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 15 / PRNewswire / - In response to the growing trend among US drivers of multi-task while driving, Parrot is launching a series of tools and initiatives to educate the public about distracted driving, including new website focused on responsible driving and a rebate program for drivers committed to eliminating distracted driving.

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A recent ABC News / Washington Post poll found commuters spend an average of 100 minutes per day driving to and from work while parents with children at home spend upwards of 104 minutes per day running errands, driving kids to school and sports, and other activities.
[Imagem: 6sQ2DTH.jpg]
What are they doing while they're driving or stuck in traffic?

According to a finding from Nationwide Mutual Insurance, they are reading, eating, fixing their hair, doing their nails, putting on makeup, watching movies, writing to-do lists, text messaging, and of course, talking on their cell phones. Parrot is encouraging drivers to eliminate distractions in their vehicles starting with the most obvious - hand-held cell phones.

"With nearly 80% of accidents being caused by some form of driver distraction, many drivers think that hands-free laws apply to everyone else," says Ed Valdez, president of Parrot, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of hands-free Bluetooth® car kits. "While hands-free car kits are not a panacea for driver distraction, utilizing a hands-free solution can help reduce some of the risk associated with using a cell phone while driving."

A recent survey by Harris Interactive, commissioned by Parrot, showed that 77% of drivers in the New York tri-state area agreed that existing laws banning hand-held phone use while driving was a good idea, but less than half of them (45%) felt the law applied to them personally.

"In addition to strong enforcement of hands-free laws, an educational campaign is essential to alert drivers to these laws and the dangers of distractions," says Valdez.

Parrot hopes to be part of the solution. The company has launched a Web site  that provides educational resources and safe driving tips for consumers, news media and public officials. The site will include information from industry experts and organizations on tips for safe driving, dealing with teenage drivers, information for employers to help promote safe driving and other useful information.

In addition, Parrot has launched a Holiday Safe Driving promotion to raise awareness of existing and pending laws restricting hand-held phone use while driving. As part of this initiative, Parrot is offering a $20 rebate on its popular Parrot MINIKIT speakerphone sold through national retailers, along with a chance to win a $2,500 holiday shopping spree gift card. Consumers can enter to win by completing the backside of the rebate offer, print and sign the Safe Driving Pledge, complete a short true or false quiz and mail them to contest headquarters.

Guide to Hands-Free Calling Solutions

To reduce distraction and comply with the new hands-free driving laws, consumers should consider Bluetooth hands-free devices, which allow them to have phone conversations without dialing and holding a handset.

The best car kits feature true voice recognition technology that allow drivers to place and receive phone calls with voice commands, so they never have to hold the cell phone or touch a keypad while driving. Parrot makes several types of Bluetooth hands-free devices designed to meet a driver's specific needs.

 -- Wired and Wireless Headsets:  There are literally hundreds of headsets
     on the market today.  These range in price from $20 - $120, depending
     on features and capabilities.  However, a recent survey by Harris
     Interactive revealed that while many consumers have purchased one to
     comply with hands-free legislation, few drivers actually use them
     because they are uncomfortable, unsightly (to some people) and have
     short battery life.  Many also have poor volume in the confines of a
     vehicle with wind and road noise.

  -- Plug-and-Play and Portable Devices:  Some of these devices plug into
     the vehicle's 12-volt accessory outlet, and others are battery
     powered.  Parrot's MINIKIT speakerphone (with a $20 rebate it can be
     as low as $59.99) is a popular solution that has a convenient 2-watt
     speaker for improved volume, and it clips conveniently to the driver's
     sun visor.  Other plug and play solutions including the new Parrot
     PMK5800 (MSRP $119.99) plug into the 12-v power outlet and transmit
     the caller's voice -- and music -- through the car stereo.  Portable
     devices are especially convenient for travelers because they can be
     easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

  -- Professionally-installed Car Kits:  There are a range of installed car
     kit options and potential features include voice dialing, photo caller
     ID and audio streaming capabilities.  Installed car kits are fully
     integrated into a vehicle's sound system, and when a driver places or
     receives a call, the car kit automatically mutes the radio so they can
     hear the caller over the car speakers.  Parrot makes more than six car
     kits offering a range of functionality and price points, such as the
     popular Parrot CK3000 Evolution at $129.99 MSRP to the new MK6100 that
     also allows drivers to stream music through their car's stereo from a
     Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)-enabled cell phone or MP3 device.  The MK6100
     lists for $299.99.  Both require professional installation.
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[Imagem: 6rSGRF1.jpg]


By adopting the following Safe Driving Practices, you may be able to reduce potential distractions while driving:

1. Buckle safety belts and adjust mirrors and seats to the desired
    position before you begin driving.

 2. Set up your preferred music source, such as scanning radio stations,
    inserting CDs or connecting your MP3 player, while you are at a
    complete stop.

 3. Consult maps or digital GPS units before you begin your trip, or when
    possible, have a passenger use the guides and help navigate.

 4. Keep music and hands-free phone conversations at a reasonable volume,
    so you can still hear and react to outside noises, such as sirens.
    Never drive with dual headphones or ear buds, which can block out all
    outside sound.

 5. Avoid eating, applying makeup, and sending text messages while driving.

 6. Recognize that personal issues can also distract your focus from the
    road; refrain from driving or pull over if you are physically ill or
    emotionally distraught.

 7. Do not try to alleviate an upset child or unmanageable passenger while
    driving; pull over to remedy the situation.

 8. Never let pets roam free in the car; secure them in crates or kennels,
    and if possible, belt them in.

 9. If you need to access an object on the ground or back seat, always pull
    over to a safe location before diverting your eyes from the road.

 10. Be cognizant of adverse weather conditions that may affect road
     conditions.  Take extra precaution to scan the road, and leave more
     space between your car and those around you.  Trust your instincts and
     pull over if weather conditions make you feel uncomfortable; it's
     never worth the risk.
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While using a hands-free car kit with voice dialing capabilities reduces the physical distractions of accessing, dialing and holding a cell phone handset, Parrot reinforces that the safest measures - whether talking on a hand-held phone or hands-free car kit - - are to avoid phone calls while driving or pulling over a safe location to make or take a phone call.
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